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Atelier Cristina Rodríguez
Le Manoir
Route de Salines - Lorient
97133 St. Barthelemy
French West Indies

mobile +590 690 653 779
fax +590 590 292 678



The Colours, fabrics and objects are not impressed; they follow their own path and instinct, not burdened by any obligated sensation: festive, excessive, futurist or geniune.
Colour modestly supports materials and forms without any intention to obtrude. Therefore, linen, paper and porcelain appear fresh, sober and raw in white.

Compact materials such as stone, wood and steel are shown as they are and maintain their natural colors to reflect a seemingly infinite range of grays and browns. Transparent and metallic materials add an almost immaterial and intangible quality to objects.Things are just what they are. Art is art. Fashion is fashion. Design is simply that. The fabrics and objects are shown as they are, functionality is imperative. Whether made of porcelain, steel, glass, wood or plastic, each material is specifically chosen for what suits best and each requires its own specific color. White porcelain, gray steel, brown wood, beige linen, transparent plastic. A palette full of honest colors.
The strength of these products comes from its resonance between them. Each object exists in its own respect, just as its neighbors. Together they form a whole. Each object is complete and sufficient, but gains so much more within the context of others. This balance perfectly creates a movement and independent energy, especially when the space receives people. Matter, man, words, time and space, creating environments captured by the magic of balance.
We all want to be surrounded by materials that stimulate our senses when we touch them. Playing with cold and hot, metallic and physical, organic and technical may be the key to awaken our senses and allow us to communicate with our surrounding.



Spanish designer Cristina Rodriguez began her journey into the realm of art studying design and visual communication in Barcelona. Today, she is an established interior designer and her works can be found in cities like Milano, Barcelona and New York; all carrying her very own and unique style.
In 1987 she became a designer for Alonso Mercader, setting the trend with her collections of technical fabrics.

From 1991 on she was responsible for Masters of Linen`s corporate image in Europe; there she conceptualized and organised all activities for international fairs (Milano, Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris), leaving a significant impact on the outlook of the European company.1992 she founded her own company Atelier Diseño & Comunicación. In her Barcelona showroom, the dominant colour is white with an intelligent mix of sobriety and baroque style. It always served as an open window to the world through exhibitions and cutting-edge showcases.
1995 she represented Spain in the International Competition for Young Designers in Naples. The showcased collection which made her a finalist was manufactured in linen and created in a romantic-medieval style. It convinced the jurors from all over Europe for its freshness and originality.

1996 she showcased her project EL LOFT DEL MÚSICO (The Musician´s Loft) at CASA DECOR, interpreting the style of New York living.1997 she showcases her project A SOLAS CONTIGO (Alone with you) at CASA DECOR. A bed-chamber space with dressing room in a contemporary baroque style.1998 she showcases a project about trends for the magazine ELLE DECO at CASA ELLE. It was presented to the public with an open house in the Barcelona´s Ensanche, the place for the latest trends in decoration.1998 she executes the interiour design project PASEO DE GRACIA (Gracia´s walk). Consisting of restoring a 400sqm attic of a family house where the elements were wisely conjoint to aspire harmony and equilibrium.1999 she showcases the project IN & OUT SILVER CONNECTION at CASA DECOR. A turn of the millenium work presenting an amalgam of metal and tropical wood. Connecting an large-scale open space with a circular parlour.

2000 she executes the project called LA GOLA, comprising the restoration of a beach house of the same name and that is located in a natural reserve at the Costa Brava.
2001 she executed the project named TORRE DE ALTAMAR. Interiour design project for a restaurant in the emblematic cable car tower of Barceloneta with a 360° view over the city of Barcelona. 2001 she carries out the project SOUTHAMPTON. Interiour design project for a one-family house in minimalist mode in Southampton, New York.2002 she executes the project LOFT IS LOVE. It consists of an interpreting current trends in the heart of Barcelona´s textile quarter, supported by the magazine MARIE CLAIRE.2002 she develops the interiour design project TOWN HOUSE. A New York duplex located in SoHo on Manhattan.
2003 she executes the project PAU CLARIS, an apartment in Barcelona´s Ensanche for a fashion designer.

2004 she lives between Barcelona and New York, realising among other projects CASA BOBO 2004.

In 2005 Casabobo opens as public showroom presenting the latest trends in form of products of the sector´s most prestigious companies.